I'm taking my Vintner's Cellar Barolo wine to an upscale party.  It's great wine presented beautifully because Cavell and Steve have taken the care at each step to make this a fun and relaxing experience that I am proud to share with my friends."  
~ Barry Braun ~ 

"We started making wine at Vintner’s Cellar last year and have been enjoying great tasting, quality wines ever since. This summer at a family gathering we shared a Cabernet/Shiraz blend bottled nearly a year ago and everyone was very impressed with how smooth, balanced, and delicious it was! We have had success with all the wines we have made so far and look forward to making and trying more. We also enjoy the beer and cider. 
Besides the savings (which are more than half of what we would pay for beer and wine at NSLC!) we enjoy the process and satisfaction of making and bottling our own wine and beer. Owner’s Steve and Cavell are so knowledgeable about the wine making process as well as fun and friendly; we look forward to our visits to Vintner’s Cellar." 
~ Rob and Keshena Williams ~

" We have enjoyed our first batch of wine, Zinfandel Blush. We also made a batch of Raspberry Lime Cider and Blond Lager. The wine and cider have been given as gifts and received rave reviews. We are back to make our 2nd batch of wine and cider and looking forward to tasting these new batches!"
~ Renee & Jeff Clark ~

"Each time we open a bottle, it gets better! Love all our wines from "the Cellar".   
~ Deborah Canivet ~

"Our first batch of Barolo aged over last year and it was so good, I drank the whole bottle!"  
~ Jane & Ed ~

" This wine exceeded my expectations and it was a lot of fun to bottle. We made this for my daughter - for her final year of university - but it is so delicious we need to make our own batch! "
~ Kendra Watson and Robert Corbeil ~

" You can't get any more fun than this! "
~ Rick Thomas ~

" I feel like this is my day out because I have so much fun at Vintner's Cellar. "
~ Kathy McIntyre ~

" We love coming to bottle our wine and beer with Cavell and Steve. We are happy with the quality of their
grapes, hops and company!" 
~ Lisa & Ray ~

" Best wine making experience ever. Steve and Cavell provided great advice and excellent service. Thank you, we will be back"
~ Georgina ~

" Can't believe this wine is not from the liquor store and it looks so professional too!"
~ Marlene Hamshaw ~

We were very pleased with the Malbec. We served it to friends and family and had rave reviews. We will be trying additional types in the future. Awesome service by the owners.
~ Doug & Joy ~

In 35 years of making wine, this is the best tasting wine kit I've ever made!
~ Keith McGuire ~