In a galaxy far, far way…just kidding, Steve and I decided, instead of seeking employment, starting our own business was the best option for us. We followed our passion and appreciation for fine wine which led us to Vintner's Cellar. 

Vintner’s Cellar took over 30 years of making wine on premise and utilized it to finesse the on-premise wine making experience. Paying attention to customers needs they developed an exceptional line of superior quality juices including products made of 100% pure grape juice with no water added, exclusive only to Vintner's Cellar.

100% juice is essentially the juice that is extracted from wine grapes, before any major processing. It retains a varietal’s main organoleptic qualities and characteristics and transfers them to the wine. It breathes life into the wine and transforms it from “just another wine” to a wine-crafting experience.


Progressive wine making processes, like cold stabilization, combined with an incomparable product was motivating and offered an opportunity, to open not just another on premise wine making location, but to “bring the vineyard to you”. To share our passion for great wine, to offer a welcoming space, a place where everyone knows your name…still kidding. Mostly to make exceptional wines at affordable prices.

We offer elegant and defined wines for less. Fill your wine rack with our outstanding wines to share over mealtimes, to enjoy while entertaining or relaxing and still have the resources to appreciate that special wine store purchase or a unique wine from one of the many fine wineries in Nova Scotia.
As dedicated owners we will help you make the perfect wine selection, whether you want medium-bodied and fruity, full-bodied and firm or rich and complex, we’ve got you covered. Vintner’s Cellar offers great tasting wines for a fraction of retail costs.

Steve and Cavell

We might be biased, but we think our wine is pretty great. Our customers think so too.