Our wine kits range from 7.5, 16 to 23 Litre (no water added).

The best kit is the one that expresses the most aroma, flavor and character when you want to drink it.

The very best kits with the most flavor, aroma, tannin, bouquet, body, etc., can take a long time to come around, in some cases as much as a couple of years.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

What really separates different volume wine kits is the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) they have. TDS is what is left over after every bit of the water is removed from the kit. Simply put, the more total dissolved solids, the more aroma and flavor compounds a wine will have. Fresh, not-from-concentrate juices have more TDS then concentrate kits that require water to be added. The 16 and 23 litres with grape skins have the most.

Mid-volume kits

Around 7.5 litres (2 gallons) in volume, and require the additional of water. Anytime water is required Vintner’s cellar uses only pure reverse osmosis water. Although they drink quite well after only a month in the bottle, they show their best after approximately 3–6 months for whites, and 6–12 months for reds. These times depend on a series of factors: which kit, what vintage, size of the bottles they are stored in, the corks used, and, most important of all, the storage conditions. There can be no guarantee of a date for maturity as it’s up to individual conditions, and individual wines.

Super-premium kits

Weighing in at 16 litres (4.2 gallons) super-premium kits have very high levels of TDS. They contain grape pack kits, and the finest (and most expensive) juices available, usually from single, delimited vineyards. They require patient aging to show their charms, and will develop over an even longer period than the premium kits. The whites are unlikely to show well before 12 months, and the reds can take 18 months before they show their true nature. But again, they do have wonderful power and strength when they’re younger — many people drink them much younger with great pleasure.

These kits are easily distinguishable from the premium by their price. High-end juices cost more, especially if they’re from prestigious areas like Napa, Sonoma. But when you’re offering a single-vineyard, single varietal kit, you need one whole tank that does nothing but house your Super-Premium kit — and tanks take up space and cost more money. Hence, premium prices.

Full-size kits (no water added, Vintner’s Cellar specialty)

The full 23 litres (6 gallons) in volume. 100% juice is essentially the juice that is extracted from wine grapes, before any major processing like concentration. It retains a varietal’s main organoleptic qualities and characteristics and transfers them into the wine. It breathes life into the wine and transforms it from “just another wine” into a wine-crafting experience. These are distinguished from single-strength grape juice, also in our blends. They may also include contain grape pack kits and a small amount of reconstituted concentrate which is used as a preservative. This also ensures that the pH is low enough to prevent spoilage.

Grape skin kits

The 16 and 23 litre, with an added package of grape solids, are made with high-quality grape juices. Grape skin kits have the highest levels of dissolved solids, but this makes the drink ability trade-off an issue. The skins add phenomenal levels of dissolved solids and quite a bit of harshness in youth. As they age, they drop their rough edges and come into smooth maturity, and really replicate the finest commercial wines from grapes. With this extra level of solids and grape material, these kits aren’t for early drinking: they’re for laying down and avoiding for at least a couple of years. As with all wine kits you can drink them much younger, but they do get better and better as time passes. Hang onto them for two years to catch the beginning of what they offer, and two more years to savor their peak.

Vintner’s Cellar kits

Our Kits are exclusive to us, and are only available at Vintner’s Cellar locations. Making your wine at home, you can find instructions here.