What every red wine want to be; a robust red. Very dry and full bodied with a wonderful bouquet of violets and fresh herbs. Alcohol, acidity and tannins in perfect balance make for a wine fit for kings. Open an hour before serving.

Very dry * Full body * Medium oak

Aging 12 to 15 months

Food Pairing - Any red meat, wild game, pungent cheeses


A powerful red wine with intense aromas of dried fruit, spices and cherries, currant and chocolate. Dry and yet an extremely soft palate. Always majestic, elegant and full flavoured.

Dry * Full body * medium oak

Aging 12 to 18 months

Food Pairing - All red meat, venison, hearty pasta dishes


Rich and spicy. The colour is deep and dark with aromas of red berries, black fruit and sweet tobacco. Full-bodied with rich velvety tannins with a lingering smoky flavour.

Dry * Full body * Medium oak

Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Beef, wild game, cheddar cheese or gorgonzola

Montepuliciano Merlot

This blend is a plush red wine that combine one of central Italy's preferred grapes . Both varieties exhibit dark fruit flavors such as cherry and plum , Merlot is an indispensable classic and Montpuliciano is perfect for blending.

Dry * Medium body * Medium oak

Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Pasta with rich meat sauce, roasted duck, pepperoni pizza