Italian Carmenere

With a distinct black currant nose with fruit jam flavours, this is sure to please. Its soft integrated tannins allow for early consumption, yet the wine ages gracefully due to its rich, complex nature. Exhibits aromas of coffee, mocha and green pepper.

Dry * Medium body * Medium oak * Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Cured meat, charcuterie, strong and firm cheeses

Italian Grand Barolo

What every red wine want to be; a robust red. Very dry and full bodied with a wonderful bouquet of violets and fresh herbs. Alcohol, acidity and tannins in perfect balance make for a wine fit for kings. Open an hour before serving.

Very dry * Full body * Medium oak

Aging 12 to 15 months

Food Pairing - Any red meat, wild game, pungent cheeses