Shiraz Merlot

Subtle aroma of leather and black pepper match well with the rich blackberry flavours. Full bodied, this wine has intense jam and spice flavours. The softening of Merlot produces a wine with a complex structure yet pleasant drinking.

Dry * Full body * Medium oak * Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Grilled meats, stews

Cabernet Syrah

These two varieties are well matched. Cabernet Sauvignon's structure and depth is ameliorated by the ripe, velvety addition of Shiraz. Combining creates a complex wine full of bright berry , juicy, jammy fruit flavors.

Dry * Full body * Medium Oak

Aging 12 to 18 months

Food Pairing - Lamb, sausages, grilled meats of all kinds, dishes with pungent herbs.

Cabernet Merlot

Deep garnet hues, with a brilliant red sparkle. The intense nose of red fruits and herbaceous undertones rise from your glass. The wine is robust, fresh, well structured given its high ratio of Cabernet Sauvignon juice. With the addition of Merlot mellowing the wine, giving it that all too delightful appeal on the palate.

Dry * Medium body * Medium oak

Aging 12 to 18 months

Food Pairing - Beef, lamb, suitable for strong or pungent cheeses