The “King of Kings” as the old house of Italy’s famed Piedmount region claim. This Barolo meets the calling with a brilliant garnet radiance. Generous and robust, this style has hints of violets and fresh herbs. Oak, acidity and tannins in perfect harmony, deliver a wine that will fare well from cellaring. Heavy body and intense field berries abound and a spicy finish.

Dry * Full body * Heavy oak * Aging 12 to 18 months

Food Pairing - Rich stews, grilled meat and wild game


This powerful red wine bursts with tree-ripened fruit flavours balanced to an unrivaled finesse. The wine is majestic from its deep rich red colour to its heavy body. The nose is reminiscent of ripe black cherries and red stone fruit. Flavours abound with an intensity that lingers well into the next bottle.

Very dry * Full body * Heavy oak * Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Pasta dishes with heavy sauces, strong cheeses, beef, wild game


This refreshing, complex, medium-bodied wine has a delicate bouquet and a rich texture. Fragrant and fruity with an explosion of red tree fruit and ripe red berries. This wine possesses solid tannins and acids that delight the palate. This wine is a versatile accompaniment for large dinner parties, a wine to be enjoyed among good friends.

Dry * Medium body * Medium oak * Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Rich pastas, grilled meats and poultry, semi-ripened cheeses


Rich and full, this traditional Italian wine is truly from the old school. The wine possesses that lively taste expected from Chianti but finishes with a deep berry flavored smoothness. A robust red wine, in the style of Italy’s coveted Tuscany region, with deep ruby and violet reflections. This complex wine exhibits hints of spices and black cherry note with just a hint of dark burnt chocolate and homemade jam.

Medium dry * Full body * Medium oak * Aging 9 to 12 months

Food Pairing - Pasta, antipasto, veal and pork dishes